January 06, 2022

How To Choose Effective Weapons When Playing Fish Table Online

Effective Weapons When Playing Fish Table Online

In the fish table games online appear many types of weapons. All have their own advantages, contributing to successful hunting. However, not all players know how to choose appropriate weapons and use them effectively. Therefore, the following article will guide players on how to choose weapons in fish table online.

Basic Weapons At Fish Table Online

Because it is an entertainment genre suitable for many different ages, fish table online is loved by many players. In the game appear many different types of weapons, serving the needs of each customer. Examples are weapons such as:

  • Cannon: A weapon that definitely appears in every fish table game, there are 7 ranks from weak to strong.

  • Explosive Bomb: The destructive power affects a large area, the creatures in the range will be killed or reduced in strength many times.

  • Poison: As long as the player spreads poison in the direction of the fish's movement, the fish alone or in groups are easily killed.

  • Radiation: This weapon helps players increase the ability to hit fish and hunt easier.

  • Electric shock: All creatures that are hit by electricity will stop and stop moving over time. Then the player can take advantage of the opportunity to release bullets and kill fish.

  • Shark Trap: This is a trap that the player uses to release on his way to catch sharks.

  • Double Gold: This is a weapon that helps players double the money

Tips For Choosing Effective Weapons

Fishing weapons are a powerful tool, contributing greatly to the game of every customer. However, if the player does not know the choice of weapon, the player will waste money, or lead to a loss of the bet. Weapon selection is as follows:

  • To hunt ordinary fish, players should use cannons. Depending on the size of the fish, large or small, players use bullets accordingly.

  • If players catch fish moving in groups, players should use bombs to kill. Thus, all fish will die and the player will receive extremely high scores.

  • If the player sees a lot of fish swimming on the screen, if he wants to destroy it quickly, the player should use poison sprayed in the direction the fish moves.

  • If the player wants the fish to stop, can wait until they gather in groups, the player uses a stun gun to stop them from moving. Next, the player just needs to shoot bullets at the fish until they die.

  • Players can increase their shooting skills by using radioactive weapons.

  • For large fish such as mermaids, sharks, golden dragons, ... players should use bullets with the greatest strength and combine with a few other weapons such as lasers.

  • In the case if it is possible to successfully hunt the boss, the player should take advantage of the Gold double weapon. Then the amount of bonus players receive will be extremely attractive.


Just now are tips for players to use weapons in the online fish tables accordingly. Hopefully this information will help players, players can find the right weapon in the game and bring back attractive rewards. Wish players have a happy experience with fish table online!


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